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Brand Name Registration

A Brand Name is the trade name or sign that provides a company or its products a unique and scintillating identity and prominence in the targeted marketplace. This brand name is commonly made striking, imaginative, and easily recallable, to evoke positive and favorable response in its consumers. Popularity of a product and profitable business of a company, both are significantly influenced by the brand name. Sometimes, the brand names get so popular that these become synonymous with the related products or the companies. For example, the brand name Coca Cola reminds people of the Coca-Cola Company; Xerox is commonly used to mean Copying; and Kleenex generically means facial Tissues. The sumptuous brand names are registered and protected as trademarks.

Hence, our full-service and visionary law firm inherently provides services for brand name registrations, along with trademark registration services, in India and other countries located in all across the world. Our services pertain to all vital and influential areas of the law, essentially covering the company law, intellectual property law, and commercial law. Today, ours brand name registration services are globally appreciated at national and international levels. More information about these services is provided below.

Brand Registration Services in India

For superior and swift brand name registration in india, our law firm located in India is dedicated whole-heartedly. All types and sorts of brand names proposed by companies, industries, firms, and other entities doing business in various economic fields in India, are registered, regulated, and protected under the new Trade Marks Act of 1999 and the Trade Marks Rules of 2002. Depending upon the very location of the applicant company, any of the zonal trademark offices of India is selected, which are situated in the major cities of Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Ahmedabad. Domestic brand name registrations are necessary for proper recognition and protection of the brand names within the Indian jurisdictions. For getting recognition and protection of brand names in foreign countries, brand names are registered under any international trademark convention concerned. Every such international convention or treaty has a large number of party countries. To support and facilitate international or worldwide business of Indian entities, we also provide services for brand name registrations under TRIPS Agreement, Berne or Paris Convention, Madrid Protocol, and the European Community Trademark.

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