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Society Registration

A Society is a private, non-governmental and apolitical organization ambitiously established for certain philanthropic and social development objectives. Such a society is formed by a group of high-minded and generous persons for carrying out some specific noble activities and campaigns, for due benefits to the targeted section of the society, or also the people in general. In general, societies have a private source of income for funding their activities and social developmental works. These societies also help governmental departments at district, state, and central levels in implementation and execution of various developmental programmes and projects, made for benefitting certain targeted community, generally the weaker and deprived sections of the society. Thus, societies are of great help and usefulness for well-round social development, welfare, and uplift. In every progressing country, the contribution of such societies is highly significant and remarkable. Hence, ours reputed law firm has been providing punctilious services for society registrations in countries located worldwide, along with our services in all legal areas. The lower section gives full and detailed information about our services for society registration in india, in this particular article.

Society Registration Services in India

In all across India, societies are registered and regulated under the federal act of the Societies Registration Act of 1860. For this purpose, there is appointed a Registrar of Societies in every major State of India. These societies support and promote development and progress in a variety of areas, and also some specific field in particular, including the areas of education, scientific research, vocational and professional trainings, employment generation, poverty alleviation, health and well-being, environment, agricultural refinements, community healthcare, etc. The objectives of a society are described in the memorandum of the society, which is to be submitted while registering the society with the concerned Registrar of Societies, based on the location of the head office of the society. Our society registration services cover all tasks during the formation and registration of a society with any specified objectives, and encompass task like offering expert and visionary suggestions regarding formation of a society anywhere in India, preparing the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and the Rules and Regulations (By-laws) of the Association as per the ambitions of the society, guiding in preparation of all necessary documents for registration, filing all requisite forms and applications, and representing our client in the office of the Registrar of Societies and other regulatory authorities. Besides, society registrations, we support all other forms of NGOs, regarding their registrations in India and abroad.

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