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Trademark Registration in Gujarat

Situated in the western part of India adjacent to the famous Arabian Sea, opulent Gujarat is a fast progressing State of India in both agricultural and industrial sectors. Therefore, there is great relevance and extensive utility of ours rich and lavish legal services in galloping Gujarat. All major and vital legal disciplines and practice areas are encompassed by our services in India and other countries of the world, situated worldwide. In our present article, we are offering rich and exclusive information about ours highly admired trademark services in gujarat.

Regarding trademark registration in gujarat, the significant economic fields to be benefited most by ours legal services are electricity generation, petrol and refineries, agriculture, engineering and manufacturing, cotton and textiles, cement, information technology, milk and milk products, real estate and construction, pharmaceuticals, and diverse chemicals. All types of newly invented trademarks and service marks belonging to companies and entities in these economic fields of Gujarat are made fully recognized and secured through ours expert and efficient trademark registration services under the federal and international trademark registrations. Other fast emerging occupational fields in Gujarat are also covered by ours such services.

All domestic registrations under the federal trademark law of India (new Trade Marks Act of 1999, and Trade Marks Rules of 2002) are accomplished with supreme support of the zonal trademark office located in Ahmedabad. These registrations enable companies located in Gujarat for conducting business in any part of India or the whole country using the registered trademarks. For extending their businesses to international level, they need to get proper and strict registrations under any one or more relevant international trademark treaties, like the TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, Madrid Protocol, and the European Community Trademark. We support people and companies belonging to Gujarat fully and comprehensively in obtaining these both categories of trademark registrations. All necessary and significant services are provided correctly and responsibly by our well-versed trademark attorneys for creation, registration, and protection of trademarks and service marks in diverse economic sectors in jurisdictions all across India and worldwide.

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