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Trademark Registration India

The Trademark Registration is one of the essential and vital tasks performed by entities in almost all fields of economy, for doing business in their respective fields at local, national, or worldwide levels. A Trademark is the sign or mark that gives unique and striking identification and prominence to products of a company in the domestic and international marketplace, through distinguishing these from products of other companies particularly in the same field of business. Thus, quality and popularity of products and reputation and profitability of a business company, are inherently associated with scintillating and impeccable trademarks. Therefore, along with decent and responsible legal services in all other areas of the law, ours globally acclaimed law firm located in India, essentially offer excellent and swift services for trademarks in all concerned economic fields at national and international levels worldwide. Besides trademark registrations in individual countries situated in all across the whole world as per their respective trademark laws, ours expert and mellow trademark attorneys also provide trademark registration services in connection with international conventions like the TRIPS agreement, Madrid Protocol, Berne and Paris Convention, and the European Community Trademark (CTM).

Trademark Registration Services in India

For trademark registration in india, the law applicable is the new Trade Marks Act of 1999, together with the Trade Marks Rules of 2002. Diverse trademarks and service marks created in all professional, industrial, commercial, and service fields are expertly well-served by ours seasoned and mellow trademark attorneys, for registrations, renewals, and protection of those in India and abroad. Depending upon the location of the companies, firms, and industries, registrations are made with essential support of any of the zonal trademark offices located in Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, and Ahmedabad. In addition to these domestic trademark registrations in all across India, we proficiently support Indian entities in obtaining trademark registrations under any one or all of the above-specified international trademark conventions. Trademark registration with any international body is necessary for extending one's business to any international jurisdiction. During the trademark registration process, our adeptly and economically provided services are - imaginative and wise suggestions for making the selected trademark or service mark unique and most scintillating, fortifying originality and acceptability of the proposed trademark through discerning trademark searches in India or abroad, completing and filing the application for trademark registration with any relevant Indian or International trademark office, and offering punctual and robust trademark prosecution for quicker and best trademark registration in India or abroad.

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